Friday, September 5, 2008


Style expert Alison Deyette was kind enough to provide the following tips.
  • Wear clothes that fit. Stop wearing baggy jeans and pants that hang halfway down your backside or pants lengths that drag along the ground. Find clothing that fits your body shape and doesn't appear boxy, oversized or too tight--all of which are unflattering. High school is hard enough, why not try to look good?
  • With low rise here to stay, look for t-shirts that cut longer in length. Nobody needs to see your belly in math class, especially if it's not flat. And with Britney Spears so OVER, it's time we stop dressing like her.
  • On a teenager's budget you have to search for the best bargains and capture the trends without spending all your cash. This Fall, look for hoodies, fitted corduroy jackets, jeans in every style from dark denim washes to ones with worn holes, vintage, washed t-shirts with logos to layer over long sleeves tees and the bohemian look is still strong for girls.

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